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Edgy Fashion Photography | 2017

Edgy & Cool Fashion Photography

Edgy Fashion Photography

“Edgy and Elegant  Photography- That's what I want  to do"


Why Edgy Photography?  

Modern, cool, contemporary…  And yes, edgy. That’s how people usually describe the work of Berlin & Stockholm based fashion photographer and filmmaker Per Zennstrom.

A native of Sweden he is deeply interested in cutting edge technologies that shape modern image making - like 3D, 380° Video and Virtual Reality, but he applies that new knowledge with a firm grasp of the history and heritage of photography. Per is continuously striving to push the boundaries of his craft.. He himself is saying that he's “exploring the edges of photography”

His work often takes on a somewhat darker, edgier undercurrent that aligns very well with ambitious, progressive and fast moving brands. Per himself speaks of an  “Edgy Elegant" look, a very precise translation of image making that is both sophisticated and laser sharp. It’s a unique look that Per Zennström has developed over the years which means a good dose of classic fashion photography + a twist to give it a special edge.

 With his experience of over two decades of creative work all over the world, with all of the major luxury brands, his versatile talents as a visual storyteller often sees him donning the hats of photographer, filmmaker, online publisher and digital marketer. This experience allows Per to approach projects with a deep understanding of his clients needs and wants - sometimes he is actually able to formulate these things better than the clients themselves.   

Cool, Contemporary & Modern

Per believes that creatives today need to step up to the plate and demand, or simply just take more responsibility for their projects, especially in the publishing phase of the project. Digital hasn't really changed very much when it comes to taking the pictures - the processes are pretty much the same. It's when we enter the publishing phase where the real revolution has happened. Today it’s possible to get your story across and reach almost anyone with an internet connection and Per is tirelessly exploring these possibilities both for himself and for his partners.

Originally hailing from the beautiful city of Stockholm, his creativity has allowed him to go all over the world, where he’s worked with some of the most prestigious brands of our time, including Dior, Guy Laroche, Nina Ricci, Absolut Vodka, Porsche and Bentley, just to name a few.

He’s lived and worked in the visionary hubs of Paris , New York and currently Berlin﹘which is evident in the decidedly high-end and cosmopolitan look of his work. In New York he learned his craft, in Paris he learned about fashion and now, in Berlin, he is exploring the new media & start up methodologies and how those processes can help him and his clients.

Per is fond of saying “As long as the girls look beautiful you can do almost anything” meaning that it’s possible to add edge to the images as long as you make sure that the bases are covered and that you have solved your client's problem. 


Cutting Edge Photography

For me it's clear that the real changes in photography the past 10-15 years have nothing to do with digital cameras or camera technology in general but rather in the distribution of images and how images are being consumed, looked at and shared. Cameras continue to take images, yes there are more of them and they are getting better and smaller but it's what happens after the image has been taken that really has matters today. 

I try to take advantage of all the new channels and above you have an example of just this. My self published magazine Moon just came out with it's second issue and I'm using the magazine to connect with potential clients as well as shape my own image.

This was simply impossible 15 years ago. 

There might be another shift happening right in front of us as we speak and that is the return of photography as personal history and the demise of it as fleeting and ephemeral media - see the self destructing images in Snapchat for example.

In the latest issue of The Information Sam Lessin argues that:

"The rise of AI-driven photo storage and organizing services like Google Photos heralds the return of photos as personal history, rather than as fleeting media. That signals a new battleground for tech companies over what value they can derive from a person’s photo history."


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