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"Ich wünschte, meine Augen könnten Fotos machen."

-German Proverb


fashion in German - Really? 

What comes to mind when you say German fashion? Cool, minimalist and purist designs, right? A bit staid and commercially very successful. It used to be that brands like Jil Sander and Hugo Boss were the references in this discussion, but things are starting to change a bit.

Just add photographer to that query, - german fashion photographer -  and you’ll pretty much will have the same reaction.

It's in that light that I ask you to look at the above fashion film starring one of the most talked about young German fashion designers, Michael Sontag & one of Germany's absolute most respected actresses Bibiana Beglau.

In this movie Bibiana is stealing Michael's voice, and vice versa. The two protagonists engage in a mysterious cat and mouse game in an old an gorgeously dilapidated Berlin ruin.  Who is really playing who? 


Nowadays this German purism is long gone, it seems, replaced with a more modern, creative, international & energetic vision. Many attribute this change to the ongoing internationalisation and what Thomas Friedman would describe as the flattening of the world.

Another factor to take account for in this discussion is that none of the “old” german fashion brands strives to be seen as German - on the contrary Hugo Boss, Escada et al actually want to look international and even seems to shun their german roots.

I moved to Germany in 2008  and I have not lived in Sweden since about 1987. While I’m not German exactly, I'm not sure about how “Swedish” I feel these days either. So did my photography change since I moved to Germany? Well I can honestly say that I have become more modern and emotional  in my photography.  I'm less rigid and more open to outside influences.  Did all of that happened because I moved to Germany? Not sure…


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