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Berlin Fashion Photographer & Filmmaker Per Zennstrom

Berlin Fashion Photographer

“I see the whole digital picture and I master the entire process - from the snap of the shutter until the click of the mouse”


A Modern and Creative Approach

Berlin based fashion photographer and filmmaker Per Zennstrom always launches his projects with a very modern and creative mindset. After many years in the fashion and luxury industry he has seen the major shift and disruption to the industry, by the digital processes, up close and personal, but he nevertheless refuses to look at the glass as half empty, but rather sees opportunities to add value for his partners & clients.

When asked to describe what he does he usually says that he is “exploring the edges of photography and film”. Among other things that means working with, and shaping the distribution and publishing of the projects and by doing that he’s helping his clients and partners getting their story out into the world.

Per firmly believes that images are meant to telling a story and shown to people and not to be stored on a hard drive or hidden away in a shoebox under the bed and it’s in that light he constantly tries to refine his creative processes. In his view the big change that digital is offering us is not so much in the production phase of creative projects but rather in the strategic distribution of your work.


Contemporary & Forward Thinking

Being firmly anchored in the present and constantly looking forward Per is not too fond of anxiously referencing the past, whether in style, looks or choice of technique. Having an early-adopter mindset and continuously trying out and testing new processes and technologies Per tries to add value to what he offers his clients and partners.

By constantly trying to learn new processes and methods, coupled with his vast experience in fashion and luxury, he is uniquely positioned to help his clients and partners mapping the way forward for their brand.

Smart and progressive brands understand the value in the new digital processes and funnels and Per’s lightweight and agile approach to his work.

Passionate, enthusiastic and generous Per thrives in team work and his fearlessness is contagious which makes for a very fun and fast paced project flow.

Per Zennstrom Photography, Bornholmerstrasse 88, 10439 Berlin.