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Top Fotografie

Top Fotografie 2017

My Best Images

Top Fotografie 2017 - This collection of images is an attempt to show the wide range of work from me as well as pointing out some possible directions of visual styles for 2017. Even if I'm guilty of sometimes falling into the retro-trap (think instagram filters and fake flares) I really believe that the way forward is to embrace the essence of what makes photography special today - it's digital core, the pixels and the possibility to animate. 

I also want to direct your attention to this blogpost where I outline what I feel is the Future of Photography.

Here I have included many different type of images such as fashion, portraits, still lifes, landscapes, video & film and 3D, all of which I'm offering my partners and clients.


Crazy Colors

A personal project where we really went crazy with the colors, layers and hair and make-up. Starring the beautiful Anna A. @ Mika's / Stockholm. 

Top Fotografie 2017

White Noise - a 3D project.

White Noise is a personal 3D project in collaboration with 3D artist Thorsten Weese | ReCom. Our project was part of the Official Selection of the Miami Fashion Film Festival 2015.


My work on occation of super star Robyn's visit in Berlin.

Berlin Streetphotography

Aimlessly walking our dog I sometimes come upon these images. These images are different from my normal work since they are caught - not constructed.  

Tush - Summer Smells

Armin Morbach of Tush magazine challenged me to come up with a series on "how the summer smells like".