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Modern Fashion Photography | 2017

Modern Fashion Photography

Modern Fashion Photography

"It is only the modern that ever becomes old-fashioned." - Oscar Wilde


Modern fashion photography

Modern photography, or Modernist Photography, is a term used for the art movement that emphasised clarity and sharp focus (which are some uniquely inherent qualities of photography) clearly breaking with the then prevalent Pictorialist movement that seeked to emulate painterly qualities.

The modernist discarded the often cumbersome processes that the Pictorialists put to use to make their images look more like paintings, in favor of direct and unadulterated technology, sometimes called “Straight Photography”. This shift in approach took place between 1910-1950 by lead by photographers like Edward Weston and Paul Strand.

Today, almost 100 years later we find ourselves in a peculiar situation when fashion photography, in my opinion, is plagued by backwards looking work where photographers are trying to make their images look “vintage”. By using image processors where you apply light leaks and shallow depth of field image makers are blatantly trying to make their images look like they were taken with lo-fi equipment, or even toy cameras. Young photographers are scouring flea markets to pick up antique cameras and there is a wurm for “shooting analog”

modern vs. vintage

Instead of exploring the unique qualities that only digital offer us, some argue that here is some sort of warmth in analog that digital can’t offer. (Usually this means scratches and light leaks and out-of-focus work)

Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m sometimes are using this technology myself and I admit that the results are sometimes very pleasing and I can see the appeal of this approach but generally speaking  I much rather would like to identify with this type of work.

Here a breakdown of what makes a fashion shooting successful.

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