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Mode Fotograf - Berlin & Stockholm based fashion photographer Per Zennstrom.


It's Not About Me - It's About My Clients & Partners. This year I decided to talk less about myself and rather focus on my clients and partners when I look back at 2016. Below you'll find a few different  case studies with some very different solutions to various problems


Mode Fotograf - Berlin & Stockholm. Fashion Photographer Per Zennström is a fashion photographer & film maker, on-line publisher & public speaker, exploring the intersection of photography, fashion, pop-culture, new media, technology and the space where they meet, mix and match with business.

Some of my work for German fashion brand Görtz17. 

Some of my work for German fashion brand Görtz17

Görtz 17

Görtz17 is a big German fashion retailer with about 200 stores in Europe. I was working very closely together with the creative agency on numerous campaigns for Görtz17 and I consider the images we produced some of my very best client work.


22 Years of Fashion Photography - What Now?


Fashion Designer Michael Sontag

Fashion designer Michael Sontag is one of germany's most celebrated designers. He takes a very holistic view on his work and looks at it as an entity. Therefore he prefers not to define his fashion as a collection, but rather as his general “work”. Sontag sees his production process as fluent process. The transitions from season to season build upon each other. His presentations are snap-shots without a static character, instead of being reckoned as an attempt respectively an offer. With this approach the designer wants to blur the common fashion borders and create a generality detached from fashion parameters such as seasons, trends and consumer ages. This approach is evident in the clarity of his designs. Designs which have never been drawn came to life on mannequins through Sontag’s drapery work.

My working relationship with Michael is somewhat unusual since he has never commissioned work from me - it's the other way around. I propose ideas and Michael will give the OK. 

Realising that Michaels designs are uniquely suited for moving images I proposed that we would make a short movie and when we had the opportunity to have actress Bibiana Beglau participate in our idea we simply couldn't say no. In this film the two protagonists are merging into one - Bibiana is in fact stealing Michael's voice and becoming him - and vice versa.  In an enchanted berlin ruin the two characters engage in a mysterious cat and mouse game - who is really who ? ... And who is only pretending to be the other one?

Luxury Cashmere Label - Stephan Boya

Stephan Boya is a luxury fashion label focusing on the world's most sensual material - cashmere. The label is the brainchild of Glenda Scipio & Stephan Fahning.

I have a very special relationship with the Stephan Boya team and we have worked together on their visual communication for a long time now. My work for them includes photography, film, graphic design, copy writing and publishing. Just to name a few...

A few seasons ago we realised that self publishing platforms like Blurb are ideal for brands like Stephan Boya to quickly and very cost effective publishing books and magazines speaking with their own unique voice that they could use a highly personal give-away to their most valued stockist and retailers. I proposed that a 40-50 page glossy magazine should be produced for every season and I'm proud to say that so far we have published 4 issues of their magazine.

Personal Fashion Shoot - This image is another example of my fashion work but coming from the completely opposite direction. This is a personal project, again realised with stylist Christian Stemmler.

Personal Fashion Shoot - This image is another example of my fashion work but coming from the completely opposite direction. This is a personal project, again realised with stylist Christian Stemmler.

A Personal Fashion Shoot

Going into this project I really had no idea of what images would emerge, the only thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to use a beautiful Katana - the Japanese Samurai's exquisitely designed sword, in the images. I'm usually looking for 1 or 2 small details that I want to get across and leave the rest, not to chance but to the mood of the day.  

 If someone else would describe my images as "edgy elegant" I'd be very happy since this is a look that  I'm aspiring to. In this case our team were free to do what we pleased and in the end the images came out better than I had hoped for.


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