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Berlin Internship Multimedia

Multimedia Internship - Berlin

Multimedia Internship - Berlin

Fashion and advertising photographers Per Zennstrom and Anka Bardeleben are looking for a multi-media intern.


This is a Berlin based, non-paid internship for a multimedia student, which has to be applied for via Your university, or a similar program.  We will however pay for your local public transport and we do provide you with homecooked team breakfasts/lunches.

What makes our offer stand out is that we are such a small and flat organization so you will most likely have a very big impact on our multi-media production. In essence, your title will be "Multimedia Director"

We're looking for someone who would like to work in a highly creative environment, mainly in fashion and advertising, where you will apply your extensive multi-media skills and deep interest in marketing, to build brands and reaching new audiences over the new media channels - including social media.

You have a deep interest in the distribution aspect of photography and film - what happens after the project is finished? How do we get our story out?

You have a keen interest in applying your technical skills to engage audiences and getting the story out in new and exciting ways.

We are two separate micro-businesses (and a married couple) working from our home office. We will give our intern a large amount of autonomy to manage their own time and projects. Practically this means that we will meet about 3 times a week in our office - or elsewhere - for feedback, planning, and implementation. The rest of the time the intern will be working remotely but with a tight integration into project management platforms such as Basecamp, Workplace, Google Docs and others…


Your Interests

  • Multimedia & Web

  • Marketing

  • Storytelling & New Media

Required Skills

  • After Effects

  • Premiere / Final Cut

Additional Skills

  • Coding

  • 3D

  • VR


Anka Bardeleben.jpg

Anka Bardeleben

Anka Bardeleben is a photographer based in Berlin and London with additional worldwide availability for special projects. Working in the fields of Fashion, Portrait, Music & Reportage Anka enjoys challenges and creating image and production concepts.

Per Zennstrom

Per Zennström is a creative fashion photographer & film maker, on-line publisher & public speaker, exploring the intersection of photography, fashion, pop-culture, new media, technology and the space where they meet, mix and match with business.



Examples Of What You Will Do

Below some examples of what our current Multi Media Intern - Antoine Ballerino - has been doing for us.

In this short piece, Antoine combined some different graphical elements, such as a watersplash and water drops, in After Effects 3D environment and later on integrated this into the video.

In this this teaser trailer Antoine was hard at work in both Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects, finessing the transitions, the movement of the images as well as the audio. 



Write us a 500 word email, where you explain why we should take you on as a multimedia  intern.

Please also add 3 links to your on-line multi-media work.

That's it!